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Gemma Hoskins has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child. Finding comfort, adventure and the beauty of humanity amongst the pages of books were an inspiring escapism to a girl, who's health often kept her isolated from the fun her peers could experience.

Grappling with words and language, it was inevitable that Gemma would grow up to form a career as a creative communicator and dedicate much of her adult life to teaching and assisting those who struggled to have their own stories heard. 

And now still living in her native state of Maryland with her faithful dog, Teddy, Gemma is privileged to share with you all her Autobiography - ' Keeping On: How I Came To Know Why I Was Born' and dearly appreciates all those who have added to her journey.

With three books penned for future releases you will be excited to know that Gemma is not done yet! So, keep coming back, keep up to track and keep in contact. As an open book, Gemma is always happy to speak with you!

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