Sister Cathy Cesnik was a beloved daughter, sister, friend and English teacher who for some time shortly before her murder, taught at the Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

On Nov 7, 1969, Cathy disappeared. Her body was discovered on January 3, 1970 in the Baltimore suburb of Lansdowne. Cathy had been killed, but by who? And as importantly, why?

The case of Sister Cathy Cesnik was far more complex than it was reported at the time of her death. With more victims claimed by the tragedy and survivors years later still haunted by the injustices served to them, the story inspired Netflix documentary film makers to create a seven part series entitled: The Keepers. 

To learn more about the stories of Cathy Cesnik, the survivors and how Gemma came to be involved in the search for her beloved teachers killer, you can watch the Keepers on Netflix via the button below.


Cathy Cesnik Survivors Fund

A Not For Profit Registered Charity

The Sister Cathy Fund for Survivors was created by Michele Stanton to raise and distribute financial assistance for treatment of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

You can find out more details about the charity on the link below.


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